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Star Treck Filme

Star Trek II: Der Zorn des Khan. Es gibt 13 Star-Trek-Filme, die zwischen 19veröffentlicht wurden. Ein Film war. Von TOS bis Picard, von Star Trek - Der Film bis Star Trek Beyond - das Star-Trek​-Universum hat inzwischen zahllose Serien und Kinofilme.

Warum sich "Star Trek" im Kino erst mal erledigt hat

Star Trek II: Der Zorn des Khan. Wir schreiben das Jahrhundert. Der junge Rebell James Tiberius Kirk bewirbt sich auf Rat eines Freundes seines verstorbenen Vaters bei der Sternenflotten-Akademie der Föderation. Dort macht er sich viele Feinde, zum Beispiel den Halb-Vulkanier. Es gibt 13 Star-Trek-Filme, die zwischen 19veröffentlicht wurden. Ein Film war.

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Enterprise time loop anomaly

Retrieved January 1, Though offered the promotion to vice admiral, Kirk decides to remain in his Ein Ganzes Halbes Jahr Kino Berlin as a captain; Spock chooses to remain in Starfleet, and renews his relationship with Uhura. Retrieved December 6, The Guardian. Retrieved January 19, April feierte der Film seine offizielle Premiere in Sydney. Weiter zur Startseite. Sie decken eine Verschwörung zwischen einer den Baku feindlichen Spezies und Admiral Mathew Doherty auf, einem Sternenflottenoffizier, der von Anthony Zerbe gespielt wird. Spätere Prince Of Persia Full Movie haben die Vorgeschichte der Sternenflotte aufgegriffen, neuere Kinofilme gleich eine ganz neue Zeitlinie aufgebaut, wobei das Reboot einige Elemente der ursprünglichen Filme beibehielt.
Star Treck Filme Here are the Star Trek movies streaming on CBS All Access, and where to stream the rest of the Star Trek films not available on their platform. Star Trek: The Motion Picture () Star Trek II. The film is the highest-grossing in the United States and Canada from the entire Star Trek film franchise, eclipsing The Voyage Home and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Its opening weekend numbers alone outgross the entire individual runs of The Undiscovered Country, The Final Frontier, Insurrection and Nemesis. []. In November , a Star Trek film was announced to be in development with Noah Hawley in talks to serve as writer and director. Hawley would also serve as producer alongside Abrams in a joint venture between their production studios, 26 Keys and Bad Robot, respectively. Directed by Robert Wise. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan. When an alien spacecraft of enormous power is spotted approaching Earth, Admiral James T. Kirk resumes command of the overhauled USS Enterprise in order to intercept it. Star Trek has been parodied in several non-English movies, including the German Traumschiff Surprise – Periode 1 which features a gay version of the Original Series bridge crew and a Turkish film that spoofs that same series' episode "The Man Trap" in one of the series of films based on the character Turist Ömer. Auf dem Weg dorthin kann Control bereits vernichtet werden. Links to related articles. Principal photography commenced on November 7,and ended on March 27, Zu den Autoren der Comics und Romane gehören Diane CareyKeith R. Viele Folgen greifen philosophische Themen auf, zum Beispiel die Episode Wem gehört Data? People's Choice Awards. Crusher's son Wesley Crusher played by Wil Wheaton. Retrieved August 2, Abramswhose commitments to Star Wars: The Force Awakens restricted his role Ferkel Winnie Pooh the Star Trek film to that of producer. Retrieved Heidenau Sachsen 16, Dieser beabsichtigt, nachdem er die vulkanische Heimatwelt zerstört Violetta Songs, auch die Erde zu zerstören.

It was to revolve around a new set of characters, led by Kirk's ancestor Tiberius Chase, and be set during the Earth-Romulan War —after the events of Enterprise but before the events of the original series.

In , Viacom , which owned Paramount Pictures, separated from CBS Corporation , which retained Paramount's television properties, including ownership of the Star Trek brand.

Gail Berman , then president of Paramount, convinced CBS' chief executive, Leslie Moonves , to allow them eighteen months to develop a new Star Trek film, otherwise Paramount would lose the film rights.

Berman approached Mission: Impossible III writers Orci and Kurtzman for ideas on the new film, and after the film had completed shooting she asked their director, Abrams, to produce it.

In an interview, Abrams said that he had never seen Star Trek: Nemesis because he felt the franchise had "disconnected" from the original series.

He also acknowledged that as a child he had actually preferred the Star Wars movies. On February 23, , Abrams accepted Paramount's offer to direct the film, after having initially been attached to it solely as a producer.

I didn't love Kirk and Spock when I began this journey — but I love them now. Roberto Orci on the film's emotional context. Orci said getting Nimoy in the film was important.

Orci noted while the time travel story allowed them to alter some backstory elements such as Kirk's first encounter with the Romulans, they could not use it as a crutch to change everything and they tried to approach the film as a prequel as much as possible.

Kirk's service on Farragut , a major backstory point to the original episode " Obsession ", was left out because it was deemed irrelevant to the story of Kirk meeting Spock, although Orci felt nothing in his script precluded it from the new film's backstory.

The line was difficult to write and was ultimately cut out. The filmmakers sought inspiration from novels such as Prime Directive , Spock's World and Best Destiny to fill in gaps unexplained by canon; Best Destiny particularly explores Kirk's childhood and names his parents.

Orci had sent the fan art to Abrams to show how realistic the film could be. Orci and Kurtzman said they wanted the general audience to like the film as much as the fans, by stripping away " Treknobabble ", making it action-packed and giving it the simple title of Star Trek to indicate to newcomers they would not need to watch any of the other films.

Orci and Kurtzman read graduate school dissertations on the series for inspiration; [62] they noted comparisons of Kirk, Spock and McCoy to Shakespearian archetypes, and Kirk and Spock's friendship echoing that of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

USS Kelvin , the ship Kirk's father serves on, is named after J. Abrams' grandfather, as well as the physicist and engineer Lord Kelvin William Thomson.

Kelvin ' s captain, Richard Robau Faran Tahir , is named after Orci's Cuban uncle: Orci theorized the fictional character was born in Cuba and grew up in the Middle East.

Abrams created the fictitious drink for Alias and it reappeared in viral marketing for Cloverfield. Its owner, Tagruato, is also from Cloverfield and appears on a building in San Francisco.

The film's production designer was Scott Chambliss, a longtime collaborator with Abrams. Chambliss worked with a large group of concept illustrators, including James Clyne, Ryan Church , creature designer Neville Page , and Star Trek veteran John Eaves.

Thus the production design had to be consistent with the television series but also feel more advanced than the real world technology developed after it.

That must go if it's going to be something that you believe is real. Another prop recreated for the film was the tricorder.

Bobbitt brought the original prop to the set, but the actors found it too large to carry when filming action scenes, so technical advisor Doug Brody redesigned it to be smaller.

Production designer Scott Chambliss maintained the layout of the original bridge, but aesthetically altered it with brighter colors to reflect the optimism of Star Trek.

The viewscreen was made into a window that could have images projected on it to make the space environment palpable. Abrams compared the redesign to the sleek modernist work of Pierre Cardin and the sets from A Space Odyssey , which were from the s.

At the director's behest, more railings were added to the bridge to make it look safer, [7] and the set was built on gimbals so its rocking motions when the ship accelerates and is attacked was more realistic.

Abrams selected Michael Kaplan to design the costumes because he had not seen any of the films, meaning he would approach the costumes with a new angle.

For the Starfleet uniforms , Kaplan followed the show's original color-coding, with dark gray almost black undershirts and pants and colored overshirts showing each crew member's position.

Command officers wear gold shirts, science and medical officers wear blue, and operations technicians, engineers, and security personnel wear red.

Kaplan wanted the shirts to be more sophisticated than the originals and selected to have the Starfleet symbol patterned on them.

But how do you make legitimate those near-primary color costumes? Lindelof compared the film's Romulan faction to pirates with their bald, tattooed heads and disorganized costuming.

Their ship, Narada , is purely practical with visible mechanics as it is a "working ship", unlike the Enterprise crew who give a respectable presentation on behalf of the Federation.

The ship's interior was made of six pieces that could be rearranged to create a different room. Neville Page wanted to honor that by having Nero's crew ritually scar themselves too, forming keloids reminiscent of the 'V'-ridges.

It was abandoned as they did not pursue the idea enough. Kaplan tracked down the makers of those clothes, who were discovered to be based in Bali , and commissioned them to create his designs.

Barney Burman supervised the makeup for the other aliens: his team had to rush the creation of many of the aliens, because originally the majority of them were to feature in one scene towards the end of filming.

Abrams deemed the scene too similar to the cantina sequence in Star Wars and decided to dot the designs around the film.

Principal photography for the film began on November 7, , and culminated on March 27, ; [] however second unit filming occurred in Bakersfield, California in April , which stood in for Kirk's childhood home in Iowa.

The filmmakers expressed an interest in Iceland for scenes on Delta Vega, but decided against it: Chambliss enjoyed the challenge of filming scenes with snow in southern California.

Other Vulcan exteriors were shot at Vasquez Rocks , a location that was used in various episodes of the original series.

A Budweiser plant in Van Nuys was used for Enterprise ' s engine room, while a Long Beach power plant was used for Kelvin ' s engine room.

Following the initiation of the — Writers Guild of America strike on November 5, , Abrams, himself a WGA member, told Variety that while he would not render writing services for the film and intended to walk the picket line, he did not expect the strike to impact his directing of the production.

The production team maintained heavily enforced security around the film. Karl Urban revealed, "[There is a] level of security and secrecy that we have all been forced to adopt.

I mean, it's really kind of paranoid crazy, but sort of justified. We're not allowed to walk around in public in our costumes and we have to be herded around everywhere in these golf carts that are completely concealed and covered in black canvas.

The security of it is immense. You feel your freedom is a big challenge. Simon Pegg said, "I read [the script] with a security guard near me — it's that secretive.

Moore , [] Jonathan Frakes , Walter Koenig , Nichelle Nichols , Ben Stiller , Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg who had partially convinced Abrams to direct because he liked the script, and he even advised the action scenes during his visit.

When the shoot ended, Abrams gave the cast small boxes containing little telescopes, which allowed them to read the name of each constellation it was pointed at.

After the shoot, Abrams cut out some scenes of Kirk and Spock as children, including seeing the latter as a baby, as well as a subplot involving Nero being imprisoned by the Klingons and his escape: this explanation for his absence during Kirk's life confused many to whom Abrams screened the film.

Afterward, she agrees to open the e-mail containing his patch that allows him to pass the Kobayashi Maru test.

Abrams chose to shoot the film in the anamorphic format on 35mm film after discussions about whether the film should be shot in high-definition digital video.

Cinematographer Dan Mindel and Abrams agreed the choice gave the film a big-screen feel and the realistic, organic look they wanted for the film setting.

There's just something incredibly unpredictable and gorgeous about them. Abrams avoided shooting only against bluescreen and greenscreen , because it "makes me insane", using them instead to extend the scale of sets and locations.

Star Trek was the first film ILM worked on using entirely digital ships. Abrams had fond memories of the revelation of Enterprise ' s refit in Star Trek: The Motion Picture , because it was the first time the ship felt tangible and real to him.

Goodson recalled Abrams also wanted to bring a " hot rod " aesthetic to the ship. Effects supervisor Roger Guyett wanted the ship to have more moving parts, which stemmed from his childhood dissatisfaction with the ship's design: The new Enterprise ' s dish can expand and move, while the fins on its engines split slightly when they begin warping.

Carolyn Porco of NASA was consulted on the planetary science and imagery. For shots of an imploding planet, the same explosion program was used to simulate it breaking up, while the animators could manually composite multiple layers of rocks and wind sucking into the planet.

Lola Visual Effects worked on 48 shots, including some animation to Bana and Nimoy. Bana required extensive damage to his teeth, which was significant enough to completely replace his mouth in some shots.

Nimoy's mouth was reanimated in his first scene with Kirk following a rerecording session. The filmmakers had filmed Nimoy when he rerecorded his lines so they could rotoscope his mouth into the film, even recreating the lighting conditions, but they realized they had to digitally recreate his lips because of the bouncing light created by the camp fire.

Michael Giacchino , Abrams' most frequent collaborator, composed the music for Star Trek. He kept the original theme by Alexander Courage for the end credits, which Abrams said symbolized the momentum of the crew coming together.

You just hope you do your best. It's one of those things where the film will tell me what to do. An erhu , performed by Karen Han, was used for the Vulcan themes.

A distorted recording was used for the Romulans. The sound effects were designed by Star Wars veteran Ben Burtt. Whereas the phaser blast noises from the television series were derived from The War of the Worlds , Burtt made his phaser sounds more like his blasters from Star Wars , because Abrams' depiction of phasers were closer to the blasters' bullet-like fire, rather than the steady beams of energy in previous Star Trek films.

Burtt reproduced the classic photon torpedo and warp drive sounds: he tapped a long spring against a contact microphone , and combined that with cannon fire.

Burtt used a s oscillator to create a musical and emotional hum to the warping and transporting sounds. In February , Paramount announced they would move Star Trek from its December 25, , release date to May 8, , as the studio felt more people would see the film during summer than winter.

The film was practically finished by the end of Even though the filmmakers liked the Christmas release date, Damon Lindelof acknowledged it would allow more time to perfect the visual effects.

A surprise public screening was held on April 6, , at the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin, Texas , hosted by writers Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and producer Damon Lindelof.

The showing was publicized as a screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , followed by a ten-minute preview of the new Star Trek film.

A few minutes into Khan , the film appeared to melt and Nimoy appeared on stage with Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof, asking the audience, "wouldn't you rather see the new movie?

The first teaser trailer debuted in theaters with Cloverfield on January 18, , which showed Enterprise under construction.

Abrams himself directed the first part of the trailer, where a welder removes his goggles. Professional welders were hired for the teaser.

Kennedy in particular was chosen because of similarities with the character of James T. Kirk and because he is seen to have "kicked off" the Space Race.

Orci explained that: "If we do indeed have a Federation , I think Kennedy's words will be inscribed in there someplace. Paramount faced two obstacles in promoting the film: the unfamiliarity of the "MySpace generation" with the franchise and the relatively weak international performance of the previous films.

Six months before the film's release, Abrams toured Europe and North America with 25 minutes of footage.

Abrams noted the large-scale campaign started unusually early, but this was because the release delay allowed him to show more completed scenes than normal.

The director preferred promoting his projects quietly, but concurred Paramount needed to remove Star Trek ' s stigma. Orci compared Abrams' approach to The Next Generation episode " A Matter of Honor ", where William Riker is stationed aboard a Klingon vessel.

So we have to give [J. Abrams] a little bit of leeway, when he is traveling the 'galaxy' over there where they don't know Trek , to say the things that need to be said in order to get people onto our side.

Promotional partners on the film include Nokia , Verizon Wireless , Esurance , Kellogg's , Burger King and Intel Corporation , as well as various companies specializing in home decorating, apparel, jewelry, gift items and "Tiberius", "Pon Farr" and "Red Shirt" fragrances.

Playmates hope to continue their toy line into Some of these are based on previous Star Trek iterations rather than the film.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 17, , in North America, [] November 16 in the United Kingdom [] and October 26 in Australia and New Zealand.

In Sweden and Germany, it was released on November 4. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Adjusted and unadjusted for inflation, it beat Star Trek: First Contact for the largest American opening for a Star Trek film.

Its opening weekend numbers alone outgross the entire individual runs of The Undiscovered Country , The Final Frontier , Insurrection and Nemesis.

Star Trek was acclaimed by film critics. Ty Burr of the Boston Globe gave the film a perfect four star rating, describing it as "ridiculously satisfying", and the "best prequel ever".

It reminds us why we loved these characters in the first place. He felt that the acting from the cast was the highlight of the filming, asserting that the performance of Pine radiated star quality.

It's also a testament to television's power as mythmaker, as a source for some of the fundamental stories we tell about ourselves, who we are and where we came from.

The chemistry between Pine and Quinto was well received by critics. Gleiberman felt that as the film progressed to the conclusion, Pine and Quinto emulated the same connection as Kirk and Spock.

The two ground each other and point toward all the stories yet to come. Some film critics were polarized with Star Trek. Keith Phipps of The A.

It might not even be immediately recognizable to veteran fans. The film garnered numerous accolades after its release.

In , it was nominated for four Academy Awards at the 82nd Academy Awards , for Best Sound Editing , Best Sound , Best Visual Effects , and Best Makeup.

Star Trek won in the category for Best Makeup , making it the first Star Trek film to receive an Academy Award.

Star Trek received several nominations. The film was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media , but was beaten out by Up , also composed by Michael Giacchino.

The film's major cast members signed on for two sequels as part of their original deals. A third film, Star Trek Beyond , directed by Justin Lin and starring Idris Elba as the main antagonist, [] was released on July 22, , to positive reviews.

In July , Abrams confirmed plans for a fourth film, and stated that Chris Hemsworth would return as Kirk's father. Most of the cast and producers of Beyond have also agreed to return; however, Abrams stated Anton Yelchin's role would not be recast following his death.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. For the film, see Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

For the film series, see list of Star Trek films and television series. Theatrical release poster.

Abrams Damon Lindelof. Roberto Orci Alex Kurtzman. John Cho Ben Cross Bruce Greenwood Simon Pegg Chris Pine Zachary Quinto Winona Ryder Zoe Saldana Karl Urban Anton Yelchin Eric Bana Leonard Nimoy.

Mary Jo Markey Maryann Brandon. Spyglass Entertainment Bad Robot Productions. Release date. Running time. From top to bottom: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana.

Kirk and Spock are opposites from two worlds. That's us in a nutshell. We're drawn to each by what each of us lacks. Einen Neubeginn für Star Trek im Fernsehen stellte die ab erstausgestrahlte und hinsichtlich der Zuschauerzahlen erfolgreichste Serie Raumschiff Enterprise — Das nächste Jahrhundert dar, die im Jahrhundert spielt.

Basierend auf ihrem Erfolg entstanden, hauptsächlich im selben Jahrhundert angesiedelt, die Ablegerserien Star Trek: Deep Space Nine und Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager sowie, beginnend , die Kinofilme 7 bis 10 Treffen der Generationen, Der erste Kontakt, Der Aufstand, Nemesis.

Auf Raumschiff Voyager folgte die im Jahrhundert spielende Prequel-Serie Star Trek: Enterprise, die wegen zu schlechter Einschaltquoten beendet wurde und seitdem die jüngste Serie ist.

Der kommerzielle Misserfolg von Nemesis war mitursächlich dafür, dass zunächst keine weiteren Filme entstanden. Ein Reboot für das Franchise stellt der erschienene, insgesamt elfte Kinofilm Star Trek dar.

This film also included original crew members Scotty James Doohan and Chekov Walter Koenig. Following seven seasons of The Next Generation , the next Star Trek film was the first to feature the crew of the Enterprise -D , along with a long prologue sequence featuring three cast members of the original series and the only appearance of the Enterprise-B.

After a failed attempt to assault Earth, the Borg attempt to prevent First Contact between Humans and Vulcans by interfering with Zefram Cochrane 's James Cromwell warp test in the past.

Picard must confront the demons which stem from his assimilation into the Collective " The Best of Both Worlds " as he leads the new Enterprise -E back through time to ensure the test and subsequent meeting with the Vulcans take place.

The first of two films directed by series actor Jonathan Frakes. Profoundly disturbed by what he views as a blatant violation of the Prime Directive, Picard deliberately interferes with a Starfleet admiral's Anthony Zerbe plan to relocate a relatively small but seemingly immortal population from a mystical planet to gain control of the planet's natural radiation, which has been discovered to have substantial medicinal properties.

However, the admiral himself is a pawn in his alien partner's F. Murray Abraham mission of vengeance. Insurrection brought in Deep Space Nine writer Michael Piller instead of Ronald D.

Moore and Brannon Braga who had written for Generations and First Contact. A clone of Picard Tom Hardy , created by the Romulans, assassinates the Romulan senate, assumes absolute power, and lures Picard and the Enterprise to Romulus under the false pretext of a peace overture.

Written by John Logan and directed by Stuart Baird , this film was a critical and commercial failure released December 13, in direct competition with Die Another Day , Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and was the final Star Trek film to feature the Next Generation cast and to be produced by Rick Berman.

After the poor reception of Nemesis and the cancellation of the television series Enterprise , the franchise's executive producer Rick Berman and screenwriter Erik Jendresen began developing a new film, [77] entitled Star Trek: The Beginning , which would take place after Enterprise but before The Original Series.

Abrams accepted Paramount's offer to direct the new film, having been previously attached as producer. The Enterprise , its interior, and the original uniforms were redesigned.

This revival of the franchise is often considered to be a reboot , but is also a continuation of the franchise, with Nimoy reprising his role of the elderly Spock.

This route was taken to free the new films from the restrictions of established continuity without completely discarding it, which the writers felt would have been "disrespectful".

This new reality was informally referred to by several names, including the "Abramsverse", "JJ Trek" and "NuTrek", before it was named the "Kelvin Timeline" versus the "Prime Timeline" of the original series and films by Michael and Denise Okuda for use in official Star Trek reference guides and encyclopedias.

The name Kelvin comes from the USS Kelvin , a starship involved in the event that creates the new reality in Star Trek In the 24th century, a supernova destroys Romulus.

Piloting a one-man vessel, Spock Leonard Nimoy attempts to contain the supernova by generating an artificial black hole, but is assaulted by a Romulan mining vessel captained by Nero Eric Bana , who is bent on vengeance for Spock's failure to save Romulus; both vessels are pulled into the black hole and sent back in time to the 23rd century.

Nero then captures Spock and uses the black-hole technology to destroy Vulcan. Spock's present-day younger self Zachary Quinto , who is a Starfleet Academy instructor, and a volatile and arrogant cadet named James Kirk Chris Pine must then set aside their current differences, and join forces to prevent Nero from consigning Earth and the rest of the Federation worlds to similar fates.

This film acts as a reboot to the existing franchise by taking place in an alternate reality, using the plot device of time travel to depict an altered timeline, featuring younger versions of the primary original series characters.

It is the first production to feature an entirely different cast of actors playing roles previously established by other actors, with the exception of the aged Spock played by Nimoy.

It was directed by J. Abrams who produced it with Damon Lindelof and written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. According to Lindelof, this production was designed to attract a wider audience.

A story that covered the events between Nemesis and Star Trek was released as the graphic novel Countdown in early A Starfleet special agent Benedict Cumberbatch coerces an officer into blowing up a secret installation in London, shoots up a subsequent meeting of Starfleet brass in San Francisco, and then flees to Qo'noS.

The crew of the Enterprise attempt to bring him to justice without provoking war with the Klingon Empire, but find there is much more to the agent's mission, and the man himself, than what the Fleet Admiral Peter Weller has told them; the agent is none other than Khan Noonien Singh ; his allegiance and his motives are initially not at all clear.

The Enterprise is ambushed and destroyed by countless alien micro-vessels; the crew abandon ship. Stranded on an unknown planet, and with no apparent means of escape or rescue, they find themselves in conflict with a new sociopathic enemy Idris Elba who has a well-founded hatred of the Federation and what it stands for.

Star Trek Beyond was released on July 22, , in time for the franchise's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Roberto Orci had stated that Star Trek Beyond would feel more like the original series than its predecessors in the reboot series while still trying something new with the established material.

Abrams , whose commitments to Star Wars: The Force Awakens restricted his role on the Star Trek film to that of producer.

Pine and Quinto signed contracts to return as Kirk and Spock for a fourth film in the reboot series, [] and in July Abrams confirmed plans for a fourth film, stating that Chris Hemsworth would return as Kirk's father, whom he played in the prologue of the first film.

Payne and Patrick McKay were announced as the writers. Clarkson was announced as the film's director. In December , it was announced that Quentin Tarantino was working on a Star Trek film collaboratively with Abrams, with the intention being that the former will serve as director.

Smith , Lindsey Beer, Megan Amram and Drew Pearce took part in a writers room, before Paramount finalized a deal with Smith to write the screenplay.

In November , a Star Trek film was announced to be in development with Noah Hawley in talks to serve as writer and director.

Hawley would also serve as producer alongside Abrams in a joint venture between their production studios, 26 Keys and Bad Robot, respectively.

This is a new beginning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Star Trek film series. List article of Star Trek franchise vehicles.

See also: Lists of Star Trek episodes. The main character of each Star Trek series. William Shatner played Captain James T. Kirk in The Original Series , The Animated Series , and seven films.

Patrick Stewart played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in The Next Generation , subsequent films and later in the series Picard.

Avery Brooks played Captain Benjamin Sisko in Deep Space Nine, commander of the titular space station. Kate Mulgrew played Captain Kathryn Janeway, the lead character in Voyager, and the first female commanding officer in a leading role of a Star Trek series.

Scott Bakula played Captain Jonathan Archer, the lead character in Enterprise. Sonequa Martin-Green plays Commander Michael Burnham, the lead character in Discovery.

Main article: Star Trek: The Original Series. Main article: Star Trek: The Animated Series. Main article: Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Main article: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Main article: Star Trek: Voyager. Main article: Star Trek: Enterprise. Main article: Star Trek: Discovery.

Main article: Star Trek: Short Treks. Main article: Star Trek: Picard. Main article: Star Trek: Lower Decks. Main article: Star Trek: Prodigy.

Main article: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Main article: Star Trek: Phase II. Main article: Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Main article: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Main article: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Main article: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Main article: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Main article: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Main article: Star Trek Generations.

Main article: Star Trek: First Contact. Main article: Star Trek: Insurrection. Main article: Star Trek: Nemesis.

Main article: Star Trek film. Main article: Star Trek Into Darkness. Main article: Star Trek Beyond. Marketed as Star Trek: The Original Series to distinguish it from its sequels and the franchise as a whole.

However, European releases continued using numbers in the film titles until Nemesis. He stated, "Kirk died in Generations.

What is really left? Adventures in the ribbon? This one I guarantee you is unlike anything that has been done in Star Trek , and it will be part of the canon, but they the studio don't want to talk about it until they see what Noah Hawley does.

Enterprise: Broken Bow. New York, NY: Pocket Books. Star Trek. CBS Interactive. October 8, Archived from the original on October 17, Retrieved June 27, Deadline Hollywood.

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September 9, Archived from the original on October 9, Retrieved October 10, Archived from the original on July 21, Retrieved July 21, Archived from the original on December 6, Retrieved October 6, Archived from the original on December 16, Retrieved December 16, Archived from the original on January 13, Retrieved January 20, Archived from the original on October 25, Retrieved October 25, Retrieved December 30, July 23, Archived from the original on July 24, In der Mitte des Jahrhunderts kooperieren die Menschen im Hinblick auf die Erforschung des Weltraums mit den Vulkaniern.

Als Mittel für die Erforschung des Alls, aber auch zur Verteidigung, dient den Menschen die Sternenflotte , die aus Raumschiffen, Besatzungen und anderen Organisationsteilen besteht.

Ihr Hauptquartier befindet sich in San Francisco. Auf gemeinsamen Beschluss hin entsenden sie zu diesem Zweck im Jahr das neu gebaute Raumschiff Enterprise NX in das All.

Das Kommando über das maximal Warp 5 erreichende Schiff, bei dem es sich um einen Prototyp mit etwa 80 Besatzungsmitgliedern handelt, erhält der Mensch Captain Jonathan Archer.

Im Jahr greift die Spezies Xindi die Erde an und tötet dabei mindestens sieben Millionen Menschen. Die Mission der Enterprise NX endet Mit den gemeinsamen Zielen friedlicher Koexistenz, darunter in Handel, Forschung und Wissenschaft, gründen Menschen, Vulkanier, Andorianer und Tellariten im Jahr die Vereinte Föderation der Planeten , in die später auch andere Kulturen wie etwa die Betazoiden aufgenommen werden.

Sie handelt politisch nach dem Grundsatz der Multilateralität. Ihr Hauptsitz ist in Paris. Sie enthält ein verbindliches Nichteinmischungsprinzip in die internen Angelegenheiten anderer Zivilisationen, ganz besonders, solange diese noch keine Warp-Technologie entwickelt haben.

Erlaubt sind lediglich getarnte anthropologische Beobachtungsexpeditionen mit dem Ziel der Erforschung nicht raumfahrender Zivilisationen unter Beachtung der Nichteinmischung.

Die Namen der Raumschiffe sind in der Regel geografische Bezeichnungen, wie Namen von Staaten, Städten, Flüssen und anderen Orten, Namen wichtiger Personen aus der Geschichte der Erde, aber auch gängige Bezeichnungen von Schiffen der US-Kriegsmarine wie z.

Enterprise oder Constitution oder Schiffen anderer Kriegsmarinen wie z. Yamato oder Akagi. Das Sonnensystem befindet sich auf der Grenze zwischen Alpha- und Beta-Quadrant.

Im Jahr empfängt die U. Enterprise NCC unter dem Kommando von Captain Christopher Pike nach einer verlustreichen Mission auf Rigel VII ein Notsignal vom Planeten Talos IV.

Zwei Jahre später versucht der Klingone T'Kuvma die rivalisierenden klingonischen Häuser wieder zu einen, um einen kompletten Zerfall des Klingonischen Imperiums zu verhindern.

Um dies zu erreichen, zettelt er einen Krieg mit der Föderation an. Die U. Discovery mit der in Ungnade gefallenen Offizierin Michael Burnham und unter dem Kommando des ungewöhnlichen Captain Gabriel Lorca spielt bei der Lösung des Krieges eine gewichtige Rolle.

Da die U. Enterprise stark beschädigt ist, übernimmt Captain Christopher Pike das Kommando über die Discovery, um die Herkunft von sieben geheimnisvollen Signalen zu lösen.

Am Ende kann das Universum gerettet werden, indem die Discovery mit für Control wichtigen und nicht löschbaren Daten über ein künstlich erzeugtes Wurmloch in die ferne Zukunft flüchtet; Captain Pike ebnet ihr dabei mit der wieder reparierten U.

Enterprise den Weg. Auf dem Weg dorthin kann Control bereits vernichtet werden. Als die Discovery in der Zukunft angekommen ist, bricht Captain Pike im Jahr mit der Enterprise zu weiteren Missionen auf.

Sieben Jahre später, im Jahr , entsendet die Föderation das Raumschiff U. Das Kommando über das mehr als Besatzungsmitglieder beherbergende Schiff hat der Mensch Captain James T.

Kirk , sein Wissenschafts- und Erster Offizier ist der halb menschliche, halb vulkanische Commander Spock. Jahrhunderts mitverantwortlich ist. Da sich Khan und seine Mannschaft als Bedrohung für die Enterprise erweisen, schlägt Kirk vor, sie auf Ceti Alpha V leben zu lassen, einem ungastlichen, aber bewohnbaren Planeten.

Zwölf Jahre später, , möchte sich der aus seinem Exil entkommene Khan an Kirk rächen, denn der Planet Ceti Alpha V, auf dem Kirk ihn und seine Crew ausgesetzt hatte, war inzwischen durch die Explosion des benachbarten Planeten Ceti Alpha VI unbewohnbar geworden.

Alsbald stellt sich heraus, dass Spock kurz vor seinem Tod seinen Geist in Dr. McCoy , den Schiffsarzt, übertragen hat und Spock ins Leben zurückgeholt werden kann, wenn sein Geist mit seinem toten Körper vereint wird.

Weil das Sternenflottenkommando es Kirk verboten hat, Spocks auf einem Planeten belassenen Körper zurückzuholen, stiehlt er zusammen mit seiner Mannschaft die Enterprise aus dem Raumdock.

Bei der Mission findet die Crew zwar Spocks Körper, jedoch zerstört sie, sich gegen feindliche, angreifende Klingonen verteidigend, notgedrungen die Enterprise.

Drei Monate nachdem Vulkanier Spocks Körper mit seiner Seele wiedervereint haben, begibt sich die Crew, darunter Spock, auf dem klingonischen Schiff mittels eines Zeitsprunges in das Jahr Es gelingt ihr, zwei Buckelwale in das Jahr zu holen, in dem diese Spezies bereits ausgestorben ist.

Damit einhergehend erhält er das dauerhafte Kommando über das neu gebaute Raumschiff und Folgemodell U. Enterprise NCCA.

Auf diesem Raumschiff ist Kirk mit seiner Crew im Jahr unterwegs, um eine offensichtliche Geiselnahme zu beenden.

Vier Jahre danach werden Kirk und McCoy vorübergehend Opfer einer von dem Klingonen Chang initiierten Verschwörung, die Friedensgespräche seines Volkes mit der Föderation zu sabotieren versucht.

Weitere zwei Jahre später, , nimmt Kirk als Gast am Jungfernflug des Raumschiffes U. Enterprise NCCB teil, das dabei aber in einem plötzlich erschienenen Energieband zerstört zu werden droht.

Als es Kirk durch technische Modifikationen am Schiff schafft, der Enterprise zur Flucht vor dem Energieband zu verhelfen, wird der Schiffsteil seines Aufenthaltsortes durch das Band zerstört und Kirk zum Anschein aller getötet.

In der ersten Hälfte des Jahrhunderts wird das Raumschiff U. Enterprise NCCC erstmals eingesetzt. Als Folge dieser Unterstützung wird ein Friedensvertrag zwischen dem Klingonischen Reich und der Föderation ausgehandelt.

Im Jahr , 71 Jahre nach dem Jungfernflug der U. Enterprise NCCB, stellt die Föderation das neue Sternenflottenraumschiff U. Enterprise NCCD als ihr Flaggschiff in Dienst.

Zu solchen, bis dahin unbekannten Lebensformen gehören auch die Borg — Mensch-Maschinen-Hybriden, deren Selbstverständnis es ist, andere Kulturen in ihr Kollektiv zu assimilieren und sich so weiter zu entwickeln.

Mit der Absicht, auch die Menschen zu assimilieren, bedroht ein Borgschiff Ende auch die Erde. Im Rahmen ihrer Mission nimmt die Crew der Enterprise NCCD mitunter auch eine vermittelnde und unterstützende Funktion in Konflikten zwischen anderen Kulturen ein.

Zu diesen Kulturen gehören auch die Klingonen und die Bajoraner. Da letztere etwa über Jahrzehnte hinweg unter der gewaltsamen Unterdrückung ihres Volkes durch die Cardassianer litten, nehmen sie die Hilfe der Föderation an.

Das zeigt sich auch daran, dass Sternenflottenangehörige zur Sicherung politischer Stabilität ab zusammen mit Bajoranern die ehemalige cardassianische Raumstation Deep Space Nine betreiben.

Dazu überträgt Picard dem Sternenflottenoffizier Benjamin Sisko das Kommando über die Station. Sie befindet sich im Alpha-Quadranten, in unmittelbarer Nähe zur Öffnung eines stabilen Wurmloches , das die zeitsparende Passage in eine entfernte Gegend des Gamma-Quadranten ermöglicht.

Die Stationsbesatzung ist mitunter in politische und religiöse Machtkämpfe zwischen Bajoranern, Cardassianern und Föderationsabtrünnigen involviert.

Nach ihrem Erstkontakt mit dem im Gamma-Quadranten beheimateten und von den formwandelnden Gründern angeführten Dominion sehen sich die Völker des Alpha-Quadranten der Gefahr eines Angriffes ausgesetzt.

Deshalb erhält Sisko zu Verteidigungszwecken auch das dauerhafte Kommando über das Kriegsraumschiff U.

Im selben Jahr nimmt der Wissenschaftler Dr. Soran die Vernichtung von Planeten und deren Bewohnern in Kauf, um in den Nexus zu gelangen, weshalb Picard und die Crew der Enterprise ihn davon abzuhalten versuchen.

Dabei kommt es zur Zerstörung der Antriebssektion des Schiffes und zur Notlandung seiner Untertassensektion, die die Crew in der Folge aufgeben muss.

Ebenfalls beginnt das neue Föderationsraumschiff U. Voyager unter Captain Kathryn Janeway seine Mission im Alpha-Quadranten, wird aber kurz nach dem Aufbruch in eine Letztere erweisen sich sogar den aus dem Delta-Quadranten stammenden Borg als übermächtig.

Im Jahr , als die Voyager-Crew erstmals während ihres Heimflugs auf die Borg trifft, kommt es auch im Alpha-Quadranten zu einer erneuten Konfrontation der Föderation mit den Borg.

Dabei folgt die von Picard und seiner Mannschaft übernommene, neu in Dienst gestellte U. Enterprise NCCE einem Borg-Schiff auf dessen Zeitreise in das Jahr des ersten Kontakts der Menschen mit Vulkaniern.

Unterdessen ist der Konflikt zwischen der Föderation und dem Dominion, dem sich nun auch die Cardassianer angeschlossen haben, so weit eskaliert, dass Ende ein interstellarer Krieg ausbricht.

In dessen Verlauf erleidet auch die Sternenflotte bedeutende Verluste , die Sisko den Entschluss fassen lassen, das romulanische Sternenimperium zum Kriegseintritt auf Föderationsseite zu bewegen.

Im Jahr begibt sich die U. Cerritos mit mehreren jungen Ensigns, darunter Beckett Mariner , und unter dem Kommando von Captain Carol Freeman auf die Reise.

Bei einem Angriff der Pakleds kommt der Cerritos die U. Titan unter Captain William T. Riker zur Hilfe. In den er Jahren wird bekannt, dass eine Supernova bevorsteht, die Romulus und die umliegenden Planetensysteme zerstören wird.

Das Kommando über diese Flotte übernimmt der zum Admiral beförderte Jean-Luc Picard. Dabei werden weite Teile der Infrastruktur des Planeten zerstört, ebenso die im Orbit befindliche Rettungsflotte.

Als Konsequenz werden sämtliche künstlichen Lebensformen in der Föderation verboten. Ebenso werden alle weiteren Bemühungen zur Evakuierung von Romulanern eingestellt.

Im Jahr unternimmt der nach wie vor lebende Spock, mittlerweile Botschafter der Föderation, einen letzten Versuch, durch die Erzeugung eines Schwarzen Lochs die romulanische Supernova aufzuhalten.

Er kann aber die Zerstörung von Romulus nicht verhindern. Getrieben von Rache für den dadurch erlittenen Tod seiner Familie, greift der Romulaner Nero mit seinem Raumschiff jenes von Spock an, wobei die Kraft des Schwarzen Loches sie aber in die Vergangenheit wirft.

Weil Nero in seiner neuen Aufenthaltszeit, dem Jahr , seine Rache fortsetzt, greift er zunächst das Föderationsraumschiff U.

Kelvin an, durch dessen Zerstörung ein alternativer Verlauf der darauffolgenden Historie geschaffen wird.

Dieses entstandene Paralleluniversum wird als "Kelvin-Zeitlinie" bezeichnet. Dort trifft er auf die geheimnisvolle Dahj, die sich als Android aus Fleisch und Blut und als Tochter des getöteten Lieutenant Commander Data erweist.

Nachdem Dahj von Attentätern getötet wird, erfährt Picard, dass sie noch eine Schwester namens Soji hat. Mit der Absicht sie zu retten, begibt sich Picard mit einer kleinen Crew auf dem Raumschiff La Sirena auf die Suche nach ihr.

Nach Sojis Rettung begeben sie sich auf ihren Heimatplaneten, auf dem eine Kolonie von Androiden lebt. Nun wird offenbar, dass der Angriff auf den Mars von der romulanischen Geheimorganisation Zhat Vash geplant wurde.

Der beginnende, alternative Geschichtsverlauf wird seit dem Jahr offiziell als Kelvin-Zeitlinie [3] [4] bezeichnet. Mit seinem Kamikaze -Flug rettet er auch seine hochschwangere Frau, die wenig später den gemeinsamen Sohn James T.

Enterprise NCC ernannt. Als solcher kämpft er mit der Unterstützung seiner Crew und Spocks aus der Zukunft stammendem anderen Ich gegen den nach wie vor rachsüchtigen Nero.

Dieser beabsichtigt, nachdem er die vulkanische Heimatwelt zerstört hat, auch die Erde zu zerstören. Auch wegen dieses Erfolges bekommen Kirk und seine Mannschaft den Auftrag zu ihrer ersten mehrjährigen Mission zur Erkundung des Alls, die sie antreten.

Drei Jahre nach dem Beginn der Fünfjahresmission, , kämpft die Enterprise-Crew erfolgreich gegen den Plan eines rachsüchtigen, ehemaligen Captains eines Föderationsraumschiffes, die Erde und die Föderation mit einer Biowaffe anzugreifen.

Dabei wird die Enterprise zerstört; das Nachfolgeschiff U. Die Tabelle nennt die Hauptfiguren der Fernsehserien und ordnet sie den Funktionsbereichen zu, die sie innerhalb der Raumschiffs- bzw.

Raumstationsbesatzung der Fernsehserie und ggf. Ausnahmen wie zum Beispiel vorübergehende Funktionswechsel sind nicht berücksichtigt.

Die Idee zu einer Science-Fiction-Serie hatte Gene Roddenberry in den frühen er Jahren. Der Fernsehsender NBC lehnte den Film Der Käfig jedoch aus unterschiedlichen Gründen ab.

NBC gab Roddenberry jedoch die Möglichkeit, einen weiteren Pilotfilm zu produzieren, unter der Voraussetzung, dass entsprechende Änderungen vorgenommen würden.

Erst Ende der er Jahre wurde Der Käfig in seiner eigentlichen Form ausgestrahlt. Die Zusammensetzung des Ensembles wurde im Folgenden geändert, erhalten blieb jedoch der nach wie vor von Leonard Nimoy gespielte Spock.

Mit dieser Umorientierung und Neuverteilung der Rollen ging der wegweisende Gedanke einer Frau in einer Führungsposition vorerst verloren.

Der neue Pilotfilm Spitze des Eisbergs wurde vom Fernsehsender akzeptiert und die erste Staffel von Raumschiff Enterprise wurde gedreht.

Gesendet wurde diese Folge jedoch als dritte Episode. Die als erste gesendete Episode war Das Letzte seiner Art. Die Darstellung von Frauen und Minderheiten in der alten Serie war für ihre Zeit fortschrittlich und gewagt.

Es gab ein wichtiges weibliches Crewmitglied, gespielt von Nichelle Nichols. Nur zwei Jahrzehnte nach Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs hatte Star Trek einen japanischen Offizier , Hikaru Sulu George Takei.

In der zweiten Staffel wurde dann sogar der russische Navigator Pavel Chekov Walter Koenig hinzugefügt.

Viele südliche US-Bundesstaaten verboten damals eine Ausstrahlung dieser Folge. Die Fernsehserie wurde aufgrund mangelnder Einschaltquoten und trotz Protesten von Fans endgültig eingestellt.

Der progressive Charakter der Serie blieb auch bei nachfolgenden Produktionen erhalten. Raumschiff Enterprise erlangte erst durch zahlreiche Wiederholungen in den er Jahren steigende Popularität, die die weitere Entwicklung des Franchise ermöglichten.

Die Mondlandung löste in den USA eine starke Begeisterung für den Weltraum und die Raumfahrt aus. Die beinahe tägliche Wiederholung der Serie in den lokalen Fernsehstationen, ihre ungewöhnliche Art, verpackt in Zukunftsthemen Kritik an damaligen gesellschaftlichen Zuständen Rassendiskriminierung, Vietnamkrieg etc.

Nicht zuletzt deswegen plante NBC eine zweite Serie mit dem Arbeitstitel Star Trek: Phase Two. Die Arbeiten wurden jedoch mit dem Auftakt zu Star Wars ausgesetzt.

Mit der zwischen und in 22 Episoden produzierten Zeichentrickserie Die Enterprise wurde das Konzept fortgesetzt, welches die Serie der er Jahre begonnen hatte.

Viele Schauspieler, wie etwa William Shatner und Leonard Nimoy, wirkten als Synchronsprecher mit.

Frederic Star Treck Filme erreicht am Star Treck Filme. - - Lange leben und gedeihen!

Die Narada setzt den Angriff fort Regina Regenbogen die Kelvin muss evakuiert werden. Star Trek: Der Film. Star Trek II: Der Zorn des Khan. Star Trek III: Auf der Suche nach Mr. Spock. Star Trek IV: Zurück in die Gegenwart.

Die beiden Star Treck Filme einfach zu verschieden - und Lauras Ehemann Felix hat noch immer Gefhle fr Star Treck Filme. - Die ursprüngliche Star Trek-Zeitleiste

Dies ist die ursprüngliche Star Trek TV-Show.