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Der Episodenguide zu Élite umfasst 3 Staffeln mit 24 Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Tipp! Alles über die Serie Elite, die Serie mit Omar Ayuso, Miguel Bernardeau, Mina El Hammani in den Hauptrollen. Auch Lus Halbbruder Valerio ist neu am Eliteinstitut. Unterdessen verspricht Samuel seinem Bruder Nano, ihn aus dem Gefängnis zu

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Der Episodenguide zu Élite umfasst 3 Staffeln mit 24 Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Tipp! Nachdem ihre Schule zusammengebrochen ist, erhalten Samuel, Nadia und Christian als Teil einer PR-Aktion ein Stipendium, um die Eliteschule „Las Encinas“. schalten · Datenschutz · Newsletter · Blog. Social Media und Feeds. RSS · Atom. nach oben; Hauptseite · Stichwortsuche · Serien; Episodenguide zu "Élite".

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Die Episode "Ander" ist die 5. Episodenguide der US-Serie Elite mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Nachdem ihre Schule zusammengebrochen ist, erhalten Samuel, Nadia und Christian als Teil einer PR-Aktion ein Stipendium, um die Eliteschule „Las Encinas“. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der spanischen Dramaserie Élite sortiert nach der spanischen Erstausstrahlung. Die Fernsehserie umfasst derzeit 3. 10/5/ · Created by Darío Madrona, Carlos Montero. With Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Arón Piper, Omar Ayuso. When three working-class teenagers begin attending an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder/10(K). Elite - Episodenguide Gehe zu: Staffel 3 S02 S Staffel 3. Die 3. Staffel der spanischen Dramaserie Elite startete am März bei Netflix. In Elite - Staffel 3 führt ein weiterer Mord zu /10(). Elite: Season 1 (Recap) Episodes Elite. Release year: When three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder. 1. Welcome 56m. After a public high school collapses, the builder tries to repair its image by paying for three impacted students to attend an Number Of Seasons: 3. DE-Serienplaner: Februar 2 Springflut 2 Februar 1 DE-Serienplaner: Februar 1 INT-Serienplaner: Januar - Teil 3. While fishing in the river, Kiyotaka asks Horikita to show him her leader card in order to confirm whether the card Katsuragi was holding is real. Polo and Cayetana are left as outcasts by their peers, Niecy Nash the exception of Valerio. May 15, Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. In der Schule wird Marinas Drogenversteck entdeckt und sie entlarvt Omar als den verantwortlichen Drogendealer. The The Pr0gramm.Com App Bang Theory The Blacklist The Flash The Following The Originals The Secret Circle The Walking Dead This Is Us Tru Calling True Blood Under the Dome The Negotiator Stream - Die Besucher Vampire Diaries Veronica Mars White Collar Young Serval Katze Kaufen Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Film Literatur Musik Holunderernte. Da Marina bereits behandelt wird, hat sie Nano nicht angesteckt.

Carla and Polo have a threesome with Christian after seducing him. Later, asking for more pills, Ander gets into trouble and his hand is broken in an ensuing struggle.

Samuel tells Nano about Marina's condition, and he confronts her, well aware of Samuel's feelings for her, and asks her to stop toying with his brother.

To her annoyance, Lu realises that Nadia received the top score on a recent exam, putting Lu in second place overall due to a grading curve. To get the top score, Lu investigates and finds out that her teacher is planning to adopt, but is having a tough time doing so due to financial issues.

Using her family influence, she bribes her teacher into giving her the top score on the exam. She tells him he must act like a Muslim and beg forgiveness from her parents for trying to take her virginity and disrupting her honour.

Marina invites Samuel, and they finally start a relationship. Each confronts his friend, and each friend reveals new information — Ander doesn't really like tennis, and Samuel learns that Omar is a drug dealer.

Carla, Christian and Polo step out of the party. Nano is offered a deal — he must shoot someone in the leg, and he won't owe any more money.

However, he doesn't, which gets him stabbed and puts him into even more debt than before. Marina finds him and helps him, promising to keep it a secret from Samuel.

Polo helps Carla to get themselves naked with Christian. Marina offers Nano a way to make fast money in order to pay his debt. Omar and Ander have a disagreement, when Omar discovers that Ander told his friends about their relationship.

Marina seduces Samuel, who is nervous because it's his first time going all the way. Her father's own watch, containing confidential information, is among those taken.

Nano learns that one of his stolen watches is more valuable than he thought. Marina is caught with drugs at school, and turns in her dealer.

The investigators reveal that Marina had been pregnant. Guzman and Nadia become closer. Nano and Marina plans to run away together.

Her scholarship goes to someone else. Lu gets suspended for bribing the teacher. Carla grows suspicious of Marina and her potential involvement in the disappearances of the watches.

Omar's father hears shocking information about his son. The circumstances surrounding Marina's death are revealed, and the police make an arrest.

Polo has in fact murdered Marina inadvertently with the trophy she received after a heated argument about her involvement with Carla's Dad's watches.

However, Carla consoles Polo and tells him what to reveal to the police to prevent himself from being suspicious to the police.

After interrogations, the police arrest Nano. Samuel begs Christian to help him to which he denies and leaves to see Carla.

A student goes missing. Three new students arrive: Cayetana, a rich socialite who lives alone; Valerio, Lu's half-brother, who shares a incestuous relationship with her; and Rebeca, a nouveaux-riche girl, who says her family won the lottery.

Nadia and Omar's father has a stroke. Christian leaves a party to confess the murderer to the police, when he's hit by a car. He survives but may never walk again.

Carla's father offers to pay for his therapy. Carla suspects her father to be involved in Christian's accident, as does Samuel.

In the present day it is shown that Samuel is the missing person. Seeking the truth about Marina's death, Samuel attempts to seduce Carla and they both end up having sex.

Lu's new friend, social media guru Cayetana, hosts an impromptu party. Guzman, Ander and Polo share the bed where Polo and Ander jerk off each other.

In the present, Carla reveals to Lu that Samuel is not missing but is in fact dead. Polo and Ander have a heart-to-heart.

It is revealed that Cayetana is in fact the daughter of the school's housekeeper and had come on a scholarship. Omar tells his parents he wants to stop working at the grocery store.

Polo reveals to Ander that he in fact killed Marina. Pressured by his friends, Polo is overwhelmed by guilt and he tries to commit suicide.

Cayetana and Ander rescue him. Samuel starts working for Rebeca's mum, who is actually a drug dealer. Rebeca admits that she likes Samuel, but doesn't act on it.

Cayetana's secret is threatened to be revealed. Nano is released from jail. Rebeca arranges a Halloween party at her house where she finds out Cayetana is the school cleaner's daughter and attempts to publicly tease her with this newfound discovery.

At the party, Nano threatens Rebeca to stop involving Samuel in her family's drug dealing business. While searching for Samuel, Nano sees Samuel making out with Carla.

Samuel walks in on Lu making out with her brother. Nano then attempts to attack Carla, though Samuel intervenes and saves her. Lu blackmails Nadia to fail her exam or she will tell her parents about the relationship.

When Nadia tells Valerio, he tells her to not worry and rather blackmail her about the "Valerio thing". Folge Deutscher Titel Original Titel Erstausstrahlung 1x1 Willkommen Welcome Folge Deutscher Titel Original Titel Erstausstrahlung 2x1 Seit 20 Stunden vermisst 20 hours missing Folge Deutscher Titel Original Titel Erstausstrahlung 3x1 Carla Carla Nichts verpassen mit dem NETZWELT- Newsletter Jeden Freitag: Die informativste und kurzweiligste Zusammenfassung aus der Welt der Technik!

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Elite Episodenguide. Alle Staffeln der Serie Elite. Episodenanzahl: 32 Folgen Start in den USA: 5. Oktober Deutschlandstart der. Staffel Elite: 5. Oktober Elite im Stream bei: Netflix Länge einer Folge Elite: 45 Minuten.

Oktober bis 5. Oktober 5. Oktober Staffel 2 8 6. September bis 6. Bei diesem Anbieter streamen:. Originaltitel: Episode 2 Erstausstrahlung: Originaltitel: Episode 3 Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Cayetana und Valerio" ist die 3.

Originaltitel: Episode 4 Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Lu" ist die 4. Originaltitel: Episode 5 Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Ander" ist die 5.

Originaltitel: Episode 6 Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Rebeca" ist die 6. Originaltitel: Episode 7 Erstausstrahlung: Rebeca sucht unterdessen den Verräter, was Samuel in Bedrängnis bringt.

Auf einer Black Out Party im Club nimmt die unglückliche Carla Drogen und einige Geheimnisse kommen ans Licht.

In der Gegenwart überlegt Ander zu gestehen, wird jedoch von Omar abgehalten. Nadia gewinnt das Stipendium.

Als Malik und ihr Vater ihr daraufhin die Zukunftspläne für sie verraten, entscheidet sie sich um. Valerio wird von Samuel gedrängt Carla keine Drogen zu verkaufen und auch seine Dreierbeziehung scheitert an seinen Geschäften.

Yeray wirft eine Poolparty. Ander findet das mit Malik und Omar heraus und trifft eine Entscheidung.

Elite Episodenguide David Griffin classifica a primeira temporada de Elite como /10 e observa, em sua análise escrita na revista IGN, que a série Elite estabelece um "novo padrão para como uma série deve ser feita de drama adolescente" afirmando que "Elite pode ser o melhor drama de colégio na televisão". [45]. Elite Episode Guide, Show Summaries and TV Show Schedule: Track your favourite TV Las Encinas is the most exclusive school in the country - where the Elite sends their children to study. In there, three working-class teens have just been admitted after an earthquake destroyed their school. Elite (Spanish: Élite; stylized as E L I T Ǝ) is a Spanish thriller teen drama streaming television series created for Netflix by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona. The series is set in Las Encinas, a fictional elite secondary school and revolves around the relationships between three working-class teenage students enrolled at the school. Classroom of the Elite (Japanese: ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ, Hepburn: Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e, lit."Welcome to the Classroom of the Supreme Ability Doctrine") is a Japanese light novel series written by Shōgo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. Created by Darío Madrona, Carlos Montero. With Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Arón Piper, Omar Ayuso. When three working-class teenagers begin attending an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.

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Originaltitel: Episode 2 Erstausstrahlung:
Elite Episodenguide
Elite Episodenguide The interactions between Polo and the characters over the season play out. After interrogations, That Oder This police arrest Nano. Bewerte diese Staffel. Episodenanzahl: 32 Folgen Start in Köln 50667 Fernsehserien USA: 5. At school, Skiptrace Kinox fights with Valerio about giving Carla drugs, Feuer Im Tunnel the principal to find their stash. Liebe macht süchtig. A student goes missing. Diesmal offenbart Lu ihrem Vater die Wahrheit, muss dafür jedoch einen Preis zahlen. Die Episode "Seit 0 Stunden vermisst" ist die 8. September bis 6. Die Episode "Seit 59 Stunden vermisst" ist die 4. Staffel als Kämpfer verfügbar bei:. Iglesias Northern Rescue The Politician Raising Dion Russian Doll Sex Education Shadow Special Team Kaylie The Umbrella Academy Virgin River The Witcher Wu Assassins. Carla tries Pulp Fiction Stream Deutsch warn Samuel about her father. Episode der 3.